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We're picky about our pies, especially what goes in them. That's why we use only the best apples, hand picked from our very own orchards. We make all of our own pies in the Annapolis Valley, where warm days and cool nights create the perfect apple.

There's also a fresh and ready supply of other grade ''A'' fruit and berries close by, and we have the pick of the crop.

It's not just our quality ingredients, we are very particular about how we make our pies. That's why we use a tried and true family recipe that has stood the test (and tastes) of time. It's the secret behind our rich, tender and flaky crust that many try to imitate but none duplicate.

We have over 25 years in the pie making business. It's family pride that makes us strive for excellence in our pies, our operations, servicing our customers and everything we do.

At Apple Valley we put our customers first.

Our state of the art facilities allow us to produce high quality pies. We make our pies perfect, we put our customer's first.

Apple Valley Foods offers a complete range of fruit and cream pies. We're especially proud of our delicious No Sugar Added Pies.

We offer a great variety, produce quality pies and take pride in customer service. That's just a few of the great reasons to choose Apple Valley.

A retail division of Apple Valley Foods.
We carry a complete line of frozen pies made right here in the Valley.
Over 20 different varieties from apple, blueberry,strawberry, pumpkin, pecan & many more.

We also carry fresh frozen veggies, fresh frozen fruit ( strawberries, blueberries, peaches, mangoes, & raspberries) chicken fillets, chicken burgers, fajita strips, french fries, potato patties, stuffed potatoes, meatballs, frozen burgers, shrimp, frozen soups, chili, everything for your summer BBQ.
Sweet breads, gourmet cheesecakes, cookie dough, apple & rhubarb strawberry crisp.

Located in Berwick Plaza

All pies made from scratch with quality ingredients, fresh or flash frozen fruit
in a modern state-of-the-art facility.



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